Florida Sportsman Best Boat: Sun Dance DX22

Every so often Florida Sportsman picks a few boats out of the numerous marine brands. They find their favorite in three size categories and review each boat in detail.

They call this segment, Florida Sportsman Best Boat and we’re proud to carry many of the BB winners. Read on to learn more about this best boat winner in particular.


The Sun Dance DX22

Florida Sportsman’s expert boat reviewers George Labonte and Rick Ryles loved Sun Dance’s high capacity 22-foot offering. They named it a high return on investment and an “all around good boat for what you want to do on the water”.

Boat Details:

LOA: 21 ft 10″
Beam: 7′ 10″
HP: 150 Max
Capacity: 24 Gal
Holds: 10 People


Boat Features

Right off the bat, Rick and George loved the all-around versatility of this boat. We do too! It’s comfortable enough to take the family out but is set up for serious anglers.

Centered live wells, bait stations, and insulated fish boxes make this boat a must for any angler. The boat is fishable from the bottom up, with diamond non-skid patterns in the lining.

Lockable rod storage keeps your rods safe while you’re getting where you need to go. The live-bait well under the console seat keeps bait fresh and ready and is easily accessible at all times.

Open up the backrest of the console seat for your tackle station, located in the driest part of the boat! The boat comes rigged for a trolling motor, so it’s for a flats trip. The driver’s console seat backrest even reclines for backward facing fishing.

Under that driver’s seat is your cooler, a brand new even better model. Its ice life is noticeably longer than the brands older models.

When you’re ready for a break, take the shallow water anchor out of its locker and throw it down. You can unbutton the back seats and have a party of 10 sitting comfortably.


Making it Yours

Gables Motorsports can make this boat to fit all your needs, with Sun Dance’s large and customizable feature packages. All you need to do is give us a call or send us a message!

Then our team members will get back to you and get you on your way to owning your Best Boat dream DX22!




























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