Do you accept less than the best? The experts at Florida Sportsman’s Best Boat series sure don’t. That’s why every time they come out with their new best boat picks, they’re always the best boats the market has to offer.

Last month, they reviewed fishing boat manufacturer Carolina Skiff’s brand new 19 SWS. They snagged a model to review before the boat was even up on the Carolina Skiff website! When it comes to boats, these guys mean business.

At Gables Motorsports and Marine, we’re proud to carry so many Best Boat rated models. The new boat pick is no different. The Glasstream 260 TE is bigger than their last same category pick but equally as awesome. Learn how below.


  • LOA: 26 Feet, 10 inches
  • BEAM: 8 Feet, 3 Inches
  • MAX HP: 350
  • DRAFT: 15 Inches
  • DEADRISE: 20 Degrees
  • TOWING WEIGHT: 3.450 Pounds
  • FUEL CAP: 92 Gallons

pablo (10).png

What the Experts Think

Anyone can give an opinion on a boat, but none quite as well as Florida Sportsman’s best boat experts. George Labonte and Rick Riles have been in the business for years and know what they’re talking about.

Here’s what they had to say about the Glasstream 260 TE.

By category, this is a bay boat, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it by looking at it. The center console size and walkability make it look less like the fishing machine it is, at first glance.

But it was built for fishing, despite its center console appearance. The front casting deck is 8.5 feet wide, with plenty of room for two fishermen. The casting deck is recessed a little, so no one has to worry about walking off the boat.

There’s a centered weight live-well in the front and back of the boat, matched by an insulated fish box. There are plenty of rocket launchers lining the top of the center console, so you’re free to take a break.

The model boasts a low wind-age profile, a double step hull and has inshore and offshore capabilities. The center console opens to reveal a front entry head that comes standard on all models. You can use that space for storage when you’re out with the family as well.

Like all Glasstreams, the 260 TE comes with a 10-year hull warranty, on top of what you choose from your dealer.

According to the experts, this boat rides like a dream and expertly handles rough waters inshore and outshore. If you’re looking for a sports fishing boat with a little less “angler-only” appeal, this 260 TE is the best choice for you.

But don’t take our word for it! Watch what Rick and George have to say below. The use the form to schedule an appointment with our dealership and we’ll get you all fixed up with your next boat!

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