Florida Sportsman Best Boat: SeaBorn FX21

Want a “new boat but you don’t want to re-mortgage the farm?” Then the Sea Born FX21 bay boat is for you. At least Florida Sportsman’s fishing editor George Lebonte thinks so. He said those exact words during his best boat review of the FX21.

The FX21 is an entry-level bay boat, without the incohesive feel of most boats in its price range. It’s not an empty shell priced to attract you then not come with any standard features. This boat is usable and enjoyable right off the lot!


  • 20’6″ length
  • 8’1″ Beam
  • 200 Max HP
  • Two Casting Decks
  • Multiple Livewells
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Comfortable Helm
  • Insulated Fish/Drink Box
  • Smart Trolling Motor
  • Stern Seating
  • Lockable Rod Storage
  • Shallow Water Anchor



Rick Riles described this boat, “easy like Sunday morning”. He was referring to the price point and the impressively smooth ride. When George took the boat out for a drive, he looked for wakes and waves to test the smoothness of the ride. He found that no matter the chop, this FX21 rode over with ease.

Both experts agree, that this is a great boat for those looking to get into the bay boat market. It rides like a $100,000 boat, but at an approachable price. This boat fits in your life, not the other way around.

Though it’s built for fisherman, the FX21 has options for family riding as well. There are seats in the stern that fold out so the kids can access the safest and most comfortable place in the boat.


Fishing wise, this boat has casting decks fore and aft, with live-wells close in each direction. The front deck has a two-step-up for rough waters or older fisherman with shaky balance.

If the water is too rough for casting decks, there’s enough room inside the boat for multiple people to fish. Once you’re done for the day, throw your catch in the insulated fish box and lock up your rods in the onboard storage.

Wanna go hang at the sandbars? The boat comes standard with a shallow water anchor. The fish box doubles as a cooler for those trips that are more fun than fish.

Don’t think you’ve got anywhere to store this baby? Think again. The rail and windshield lift off for low-ceiling storage.

Speaking of storing it, how can you resist making this Best Boat pick yours? We’ve got a few models in stock right now, but hurry! After the best boat award, they always go fast!

Don’t worry, we can always order one for you if some other lucky people pick up our stock.

front seat

Contact one of our sales people about this awesome model below!

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